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Seminar that makes men better lovers
Seminars in Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Hyderabad

At the Better Lover seminar, men learn the art of making love to a woman the way she prefers. The 6-hour seminar teaches men to slow down, understand women’s true sexual preferences and enjoy playful, leisurely, whole-body sensuality.

What is the way women prefer?
In survey after survey, women complain about the same thing: that men are too mechanical, too predictable, too much in a rush to get to her most intimate areas. What a woman really wants is that her whole body be treated as one erogenous zone. What truly satisfies a woman is WHOLE-body love making. The remarkable thing is that this approach also helps relieve the no.1 sexual problem of men, which is premature ejaculation.

What do we teach at the seminar?
The seminar begins with basic sex education about the male & female sexual anatomy and sexually transmitted diseases, then progressing to explicit techniques for touching & caressing, foreplay, kissing, finger sex, oral sex, sex positions and more. There are also sections that teach the subtler aspects of loveplay like afterplay and how to give your sweetheart the perfect footrub. The entire list of course contents can be found here

What do we teach besides techniques?
Besides physical techniques, the seminar offers men insights into the differences between the way men and women approach sex. Here is one of many examples provided at the seminar : Men can enter the bedroom and turn off whatever happened that day. But unlike men, women cannot compartmentalize. As she lies down, a stream of to-do lists are still crossing her mind. Only when the majority of thoughts in her brain are quieted, can a woman become sexually present. Until a woman is relaxed in her mind, her body cannot relax, and if her body isn’t relaxed, it won’t get aroused. To drive home the point, attendees are told, “Sometimes, doing the dishes can be more effective foreplay for your partner than a 12-course dinner”

Do men need a seminar like this?
In our society, despite the progress we have made towards sexual equality, women are still raised to be sexually passive. As a result, young men feel pressured to know everything about sex. Few parents discuss the intricacies of sex with their sons. At school, any sex education is restricted to sperm, eggs, STDs, importance of abstinence, and perhaps the various contraceptives; while there is a place for this, there is also a place for providing adult men with frank information on how to please a woman sexually. The Better Lover seminars have been conceived to address just such a need.

When and where are the seminars held?
The seminars are conducted across major Indian cities. Details about the seminar content, frequently asked questions, venue, fee and the next available dates are listed on the company’s website

The seminar is conducted by a certified sex educator, and is for men over 21 years.

Although we are not an NGO, we would be happy to organize this seminar for underprivileged young adult men, and who cannot afford our fee. If you know an organization that can organize a large number of young men, a hall with comfortable seating, an LCD projector, lunch, snacks and tea for the attendees, we will conduct this seminar for whatever amount the organization can afford.






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