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How to shave a woman's vulva (genital area)

*** QUESTION ***

Whats the best way to shave a woman's genitals?

JWF, Male, 55 years, from Barstow.



Shaving cream & razor still work best.

Here are some tips you might find helpful.

  1. Before applying razor, use a hair trimmer or scissors to
    trim hair as short as possible. This minimizes long strands of
    hair getting stuck between blades.

  2. Wash the area well with soap and warm water, this softens
    coarse pubic hair making it easier to shave. Alternatively,
    shave immediately AFTER she showers.

  3. Apply some shaving cream and lather the area. Better than
    shaving cream is hair conditioner. It makes hair softer and shaving
    easier. Another recommended hair softener is baby oil; a friend
    swears by it, though I've never tried it. But NEVER SHAVE WITH
    JUST SOAP & WATER, it can hurt and irritate.

  4. Use a brand-new razor EVERY time.

  5. Start by shaving in the direction of hair growth. Cover entire
    area once. Avoid going over the same spot again and again if her
    skin is sensitive (one or two strokes will do). Stretch the skin to
    access those hard-to-reach spots. If the blades get clogged with
    loose hair, shaking the razor head vigorously in a mug of water
    dislodges the hair. After you're done, rinse with warm water, and
    apply some more cream or conditioner. Now, shave AGAINST the
    direction of hair growth.

  6. Rinse the area well, scrub gently with a loofah, dry and
    moisturize with baby oil.

  7. For a professional job, schedule an appointment for her at a beauty
    parlour for a BIKINI wax or BRAZILIAN wax (the latter is more
    thorough and removes ALL hair, even those around her anus).

    TIP : Her skin is extra sensitive just-before, during and just-after
    her menstrual cycle. Schedule her shaving OUTSIDE of this period.



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