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A simple exercise that helps men last longer in bed


Practicing KEGEL exercises strengthens your PC muscle. This helps
you have longer lasting erections and more intense orgasms.

How to do Kegels exercises:

  1. First, understand which one is your PC muscle.
    It's the one you contract to stop urinating or to squeeze out the last few drops. The next time you go to the bathroom to urinate, try stopping the stream midway, do it 2-3 times and you will identify your PC muscle. Another way to identify your PC is that contracting it causes a tightening of your anal opening.
  2. RAPID Kegels : Contract and release your PC muscle as rapidly as you can, then relax.
  3. SLOW Kegels : Contract your PC muscle, hold it for three seconds, then relax.

Start with five slow contractions and five rapid ones three times a day.

Every week, increase the number of daily contractions by five.

Your goal is to be able to do 50 slow and 50 fast contractions thrice daily, which is a total of 300 contractions a day.

Avoid increasing the contractions faster than suggested above or your groin area may feel sore.

The benefits of the exercises will not be obvious immediately after you begin. Just like with 'training' any muscle regularly, it takes some time to see results.

But there is no excuse to neglect your Kegels because they are so easy to do. You can do them anytime, anywhere...while travelling, while watching TV, when you are on the phone, even during a meeting with your boss.


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