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Frequently Asked Questions

Why learn sex techniques, aren't we born with the knowledge?

We are born with the urge to have sex, not the art of making love.



What kind of people attend your seminars?

All kinds of men - businessmen, students, artists, builders, doctors, architects, CEOs, sportsmen, engineers, even retired senior citizens. They come from various cultural and professional backgrounds, and in a variety of sizes and shapes - tall, short, bald, hairy.

And they come with just one single purpose - to know more about sex, specifically, to know how they can better please the women in their lives.

Here are some of the reasons they gave for attending the seminar:

  • An engineer from Pune: "I know there are tricks to make sex more fun for my wife and me, and I want to learn as many of them as I can."

  • A real estate agent from Mumbai : "I have a loving wife who never complains, no matter how selfish I am in bed. I have been wanting to learn what pleases women, and I want to do those things for my wife."

  • A businessman from Hyderabad : "In my culture women are not comfortable describing what they want their men to do during sex. So if there is some indirect way to get this information, I would love to have it."

  • A textile dealer from Thane : "I am getting married next month, I don't want to be ignorant on my wedding night. I want to know all the right things to do and then go in there and do it!"

  • A consultant from Kolkata : "As a man it's easy for me to get my release during sex, but if there is some way for me to increase my wife's satisfaction, I would be grateful for the info."


Do we need sex coaching in the land of the Kama Sutra?

Vatsyayan wrote in the Kama Sutra that Kama (the art of sensual love-making) was a subject which required to be learned, and could not be left unstudied. He further affirmed that both men and women need to learn this.

There was a time in ancient India, when along with the great treatises of Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedanta, the Kama Sutra was much read and discussed.

Was it the orthodoxy of the mughals that restrained free discussion about love-making? Was it the Brahmanical influence with its strong elements of asceticism that created constraints and rigidities? We do not know for sure, but somewhere along the way we stopped learning how to be great lovers.


What information will you provide at the seminar?

Here's an overview of what the seminar offers :
Safer sex : The dangers of indiscriminate, unprotected sex. Common sexually transmitted diseases, their symptoms and treatment.

Sexual and reproductive anatomy overview
male: penis, testicles, prostate and sperm.
female: clitoris, vaginal lips, vagina, perineum, cervix, uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes.

Close-up view of female genitalia
You will see close-up views of a woman's vulva: the inner and outer lips, the clitoris, the vaginal opening, the mons pubis and the perineum. Demonstrated up close, in a frank manner using training aids.

Differences between men and women: Find out how men and women approach and experience sex differently. Example : Men will usually decide based on a woman's looks, women usually decide based on how she's been treated. ...MORE EXAMPLES


What women find sexy in a man
Ask most men what women find sexy in a man, and the typical answers are "good looks ", "good body", "impressive equipment". But every woman knows there is no connection between how a man looks and how he loves. What women really find sexy in a man is something else entirely, it's about how he moves, how he reacts and and how he interacts with her.


Sexual fears of women
Most men are so caught up in their own fears they don't realize that women have sexual fears too. To give her absolute pleasure you have to know what a woman enjoys most AND fears most about sex. We discuss the 3 basic fears most women have about sex.

Seduction : arousing her mind
Learn the art of seducing a woman's mind by romancing and relaxing her. Unless a woman is first aroused mentally, it's almost impossible for her to get physcially aroused.

Foreplay : arousing her body
Do you know her hotspots from head to toe? We will show you a woman's 18 erogenous zones using a life-size dummy and teach you delightful ways to awaken them using fingers, tongue, lips, teeth, breath, penis and more.

The art of touching
Knowing how and where to touch her is key to mastering the ability to arouse a woman to heights of pleasure. We will show you delightful ways to touch a woman.

The art of kissing
If you kiss a woman well, and kiss her the way she wants to be kissed, you are halfway to your destination of having her melt in your arms. We point out the most common mistakes men make while kissing a woman, and we teach you 3 sensuous kissing techniques (we make attendees practice it on the back of their palm until they get it). Plus, lots of tips and tricks that make it more pleasurable for both of you.


Finger sex
Tips and tricks to give a woman amazing pleasure between her legs using just your fingers. Also : common mistakes men make while using their fingers (which could turn her off, or even hurt her).


The art of oral sex
Delicious ways to use your tongue, lips, and fingers in, on and around a woman's vulva. Also, misconceptions about oral sex cleared.


3 kinds of female orgasms
I will share with you the techniques to help a woman express the 3 kinds of orgasms : Clitoral, Vaginal (or G-spot) and Cervical


Sex positions
We discuss the 6 basic positions for sexual intercourse and the advantages of each. Also, thrusting techniques that enhance her pleasure.


A lot of men just roll over and fall asleep after sex or show rushed behaviour like getting dressed or using the phone. It takes just a few minutes to express the loving, tender reassurance that all women need after sex.


Longer lasting erections
Involuntary ejaculation is the number-one sex problem affecting young men. We discuss the common causes of premature ejaculation and practical exercises that helps improve your ejaculatory control. 

Foot massage
How to pamper her with the perfect foot-rub.


Making love to a virgin
As the first man to make love to her, you can put her on the road to a fulfilling sex life or you can fill her head with all kinds of sexual anxieties. The suggestions in this section will help maximize pleasure for you both.

What women hate
10 things you should definetely avoid doing if you don't want to turn-off a woman during sex.

Sexuality myths & facts
Common myths related to sex and the facts that demolish them.

What the law states
Overview of what sexual acts are illegal as per the Indian penal code.

Start to finish
A suggested sequence of techniques to make love to a woman from start to finish, from undressing her right upto afterplay. Like a step-by-step dummies' guide. You can use this sequence exactly as it is, or you can add your own touches to it.


What will I NOT find at the seminar?

  • The seminar is NOT meant to treat any physical condition that you may have; for that it is best to consult your physician

  • There will be NO nudity and NO live models

  • There will NOT be any kind of sexual touching, stimulation or titillation

  • There will NOT be any kind of pornographic videos or photographs displayed


What can your seminar teach me that a sex manual cannot?

Books are a great resource for learning any skill, no doubt.

But the INTERACTIVITY of the Better Lover seminar cannot be matched by any other medium of learning.

At the seminar you will
touch and feel a realistic life-size vulva, made of a fleshy skin-like material. You will learn ways to touch its various parts in ways that give a woman maximum pleasure.

Seminar attendees are surprised to learn how delicately women expect to be touched, especially the vulva and the clitoris. Quite different from the rough manner in which men handle their penises.

Attendees learn to KISS by kissing the back of their own hand, while the instructor supervises and corrects their technique.

Techniques are taught in an interactive manner...until attendees GET IT and demonstrate to the seminar conductor that they get it. Every attendee leaves the seminar, not just with the theory but with the actual competence of DOING it right.

NOTE: Only dummy replicas are used at the seminar. NO LIVE MODELS.


Why can't I get the same information from a porn video?

Most male pornography is not a good teacher of effective sex techniques because of 3 main reasons:

  1. It has been primarily created for visual stimulation for males, and therefore largely feature genital-based lovemaking, not the whole-body love making that women prefer.
  2. The female actors in the movie are paid to scream in delight even if they are not enjoying it. This makes male viewers expect the same unrealistic responses from their partners in real life, and are disappointed when they don't get them.
  3. Most porn is targeted only towards men, therefore a woman's needs and expectations are not taken into account.



My partner can tell me what she likes...why do I need a seminar?

If you have a partner who is comfortable enough to tell you, and perhaps even show you what pleases her during sex, you're a lucky man.

But many women will not say it. Women WANT men to know what pleases them sexually but usually hesitate to tell them in a direct way.

Here are some reasons why...



How many people attend each seminar?

Only 15 attendees are accepted for each seminar to maintain an informal and personal atmosphere that encourages frank discussion.


What is the seminar fee, duration, venue and the next date ?

Fee :
Rs. 8800/-    Includes lunch, tea/coffee, snacks, course material
Duration :
7 hours : 10am - 6pm
Venue :
Centrally located, airconditioned seminar hall.
Next dates :
Click here for alerts about the next event
 Conducted by a certified sexuality educator



Do you offer private coaching ?

Yes, we do offer private seminars. Please click here for details.


Do you offer seminars for women ?

We will shortly begin training an all-women team to conduct seminars exclusively for female participants. Submit your contact info here to be informed when we launch seminars for women. If you are subscribed to our newsletter you will be informed when we launch the same.


When will you have the seminar in my city/country?

Please submit your request here. If there are enough requests for the location, we will consider conducting the seminar there.


Would you organize this for young men who can't afford your fees?

With pleasure. We believe it's important that all young men have this information. If you are an organization that can organize a sufficiently large number of young men (at least 100) who are eager to learn this, a hall with comfortable seating, an LCD projector and refreshments for the attendees, we will do this seminar for whatever amount you can afford.


I have a question that is not answered here!

Visit our contact page to send us your question.



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