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Frequently Asked Questions

How many books do I get?

For a limited time, when you buy the book What Women Really Want, you get these 6 bonus eBooks FREE

  1. How To Eat A Woman (Advanced oral sex techniques)
  2. Last As Long As You Want (The cure for Premature Ejaculation)
  3. Analingus (The art of rimming)
  4. Sex With A Virgin (Things to keep in mind!)
  5. The Ultimate Blowjob (All a woman needs to know to perform
    amazing oral sex)
  6. Female Masturbation (18 techniques)


Are these paper books or digital books?

These are digital eBooks. You download them instantly and start reading them on your computer. You can also read them on the Kindle, the iPad, on any ebook reader and on most cell phones.

All the books are text access enabled for screen reader devices, which converts them into audio books for the visually impaired.

The books are print-enabled so you can print out a hard copy if you wish.

The books have text, illustrations and photographic images.


I don't want the books shipped to my address. I just want a
download link emailed to me. Possible?

The books will never be physically shipped to an address.

What you receive (by email) is a download link which you can use to get the books and start reading INSTANTLY from anywhere in the world.


Can I pay by cash or check?

If you pay by credit card, you can download the books instantly. If you pay by cash or check, you will receive the download link when your payment clears in about 3 days.

To pay by cash or check (Indian residents only), please follow
instructions here : Click here

If you're concerned about the safety of your credit card transactions,
please rest assured. Our credit card transactions are handled by PayPal™, the world's No.1 online payment processor.

PayPal™ is an eBay™ company. eBay™ is a Fortune 500 company.


PayPal is not accepting my credit/debit cards. What's wrong?

Sorry about that but PayPal is finicky about security. If the issuing bank is not recognized by PayPal, it issues an error "cannot validate this card". This happens rarely, and there is no other option but to use a different card, or to pay by check or cash, sorry!

To pay by cash or check, please follow instructions on this page.


I have purchased the book but I don't see the download button!

After successful payment, you're taken to the download page. Below is a screenshot of the page. You have to click on the download buttons (red arrows are for indication only) for your books.


Can I buy these books at any book store?

We regret that's not possible. These books are available to you ONLY through digital download.


Where can I read details about each of the 7 books?

  1. What Women Really Want : CLICK HERE
  2. Last As Long As You Want : CLICK HERE
  3. How To Eat A Woman : CLICK HERE
  4. Analingus : CLICK HERE
  5. Sex With A Virgin : CLICK HERE
  6. Ultimate Blowjob : CLICK HERE
  7. Female Masturbation : CLICK HERE


I have a question that is not answered here

Click here to visit our contact page and send us a question.



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