What you will learn


Here's a sample of some of the great things you will learn from this book

  • Discover the art of whole-body lovemaking. The 18 hot spots on
    a woman's body and how to arouse each one of them. pgs. 14 to 52
  • The art of undressing a woman – pg. 11
  • Two erotic ways to touch any part of a woman's body – pg. 61
  • A technique that you can use on any woman, even before you kiss her,
    that arouses most women in a deep, primal way – pg. 13
  • The most common kissing mistakes men make and how
    you can avoid them – pg. 36
  • A sensuous way to hold a woman while kissing her, that enhances
    her arousal – pg. 35
  • 3 erotic techniques for kissing a woman's body, using lips,
    tongue and teeth – pg. 67 to 69
  • A technique to fondle a woman’s breast that is so arousing,
    some women orgasm with just this – pg. 38
  • 4 mind-blowing licking techniques, that you can use anywhere
    on her body – pg. 71 to 74
  • Common mistakes most men make while touching a woman
    between her legs – pg. 43 to 45

  • A sure way to tell when a woman is ready to be touched
    between her legs – pg. 43
  • How to make her vulva throb with pleasure using just
    your fingers – pg. 42 to 45

  • The most reliable technique to stimulate her G-spot
    with your hands – pg. 43

  • The 6 main intercourse positions and their advantages
    (with illustrations) – pg. 53 to 59

  • How to increase your chances of simultaneous orgasm – pg. 61
  • The no.1 mistake men make while giving a woman oral
    sex (it can turn her off and ruin any chances of orgasm) – pg. 45
  • Delightful tricks to play with your tongue that will have her
    screaming your name in ecstasy – pg. 45 to 49
  • If your tongue feels tired during oral sex, how to continue
    giving her the warmth and softness of tongue play, while
    giving your tongue a rest – pg. 47

  • The 6 most erotic oral sex positions – pg. 50 to 52

  • Penis-thrusting techniques that enhance her pleasure – pg. 60, 61
  • The 3 simple phrases to use during lovemaking that help a
    woman relax and make it easier for her to get aroused – pg. 81,82
  • Why women hesitate to tell men what they like in bed – pg. 75

  • Things to remember while making love to a virgin – pg. 88 to 90

  • A simple thing to do after sex that very few men do, and that will
    make her remember you even years later – pg. 83
  • Simple communication techniques that give you information
    about her that most men have no clue about. Find out :

    • How and where she enjoys being caressed – pg. 77

    • The kissing style she really prefers – pg. 78

    • The oral sex techniques she prefers – pg. 79

    • When she is ready (and eager for) intercourse – pg. 80

  • And much, much, much more…

Nearly 90 pages packed with dozens of tips, tricks and techniques that will
transform your skills as a lover!