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Myths about virgins
Myth: All virgins bleed after their first sexual intercourse
Not true.

When the hymen tears, it sometimes causes some bleeding.
Because of this, many cultures and societies assume that if
there is no bleeding, there was no hymen, and so the bride
was not a virgin. But as explained above, not all virgins have
their hymen intact. And even the virgins who do, sometimes
have such delicate hymen that it does not bleed when it tears.

From the chapter
4 common mistakes men make

Kissing her aggressively
Donít shove your entire tongue into her mouth, right at the
start.. It might overwhelm her, and even turn her off. While
kissing a sexually inexperienced woman, start gently, wait
for her to invite you in.

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Engage her senses

Sense of touch
After engaging her non-physical senses, touching her
is the ultimate way to transition from engaging her mind
to engaging her body. Before you unzip or unhook anything,
gently caress her all overÖwith your fingers barely grazing
over her skin. Touching a woman is the best way to relax her.

From the chapter
Understand her

"Heíll not respect me after sex"
As soon as they have sex with a woman, many men lose
respect for her; often they donít want to see the woman
any more. Women know about this trait in men because of
experiences related by their friends. Solution? After sex,
hold her close, stroke & kiss her gently in unexpected places;
it just takes a few extra minutes. Also call her the next day
and let her know how enjoyable you found the experience.

From the chapter
8 tips for foreplay

Undress her sensuously
Undress her tenderly. Ease the blouse off first and play
with the newly exposed skin. Unhook her bra, and caress
the part of her back thatís now uncovered. Undressing a
woman slowly and teasingly is one of the hottest things
you can do Ė if done right, it can drive her wild.

From the chapter
8 tips for foreplay

Oral sex tips
Donít rush. Donít directly take your mouth to her vulva.
Do it gradually. Start from much further away and move
towards the vulva, slowly, inch by inch, kissing and licking
all the regions in between. This creates anticipation and
shoots up her arousal. .


From the chapter
6 tips for intercourse

Insert finger first
If she has fears about penetration, gently slide in a finger
first, then two. This gets her comfortable with penetration,
without activating her fear of having sex.

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