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How it affects men & women
Premature ejaculation is curable
Fortunately premature ejaculation is not an incurable disease.
It is simply a learning disability. Good ejaculatory control is a
skill that can be learnt*. And like any skill, first you learn, then
you practice. In the past, most men who suffered from
premature ejaculation were stuck with it for life.
But modern sex therapy has dramatically improved the
chances for men who come too fast. Today, over 90% of men
with premature ejaculation can be cured within about 14 weeks
of treatment.

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The couples technique

Step 1 : Stop-start with manual stimulation
She stimulates your penis by
stroking it rhythmically, up
and down. Show her the
way you like it, by guiding
her hand. As your arousal
rises, when you feel you are
approaching the point of no
return, ask her to STOP.
When your arousal comes
down to a controllable level,
signal her to start again.

From the chapter
The solo technique

Step 1 : Stop-start stimulation of penis
Begin masturbating by rhythmically
stroking the shaft and tip of your
penis with your hand. As your
arousal rises, focus on the
pleasurable sensations coming from
your penis. Just before you are
about to ejaculate, stop stimulating
your penis for a few seconds (long
enough for excitement to go down a
little, but not long enough to lose
erection). Then start stroking again.
Continue the STOP-START stimulation
until you can last about 15 minutes.
Then, let yourself ejaculate freely.

From the chapter
Additional tips

Hold down the testicles
As a man approaches climax, the testicles rise. Some men find
that pulling down their testicles (or having their partner pull
them down) helps them delay ejaculation and last longer.
You can also use the Stud Strap, a sex toy that wraps around
the scrotum and gives you a handle to gently pull the testicles

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