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From the chapter
Description of the vulva
The clitoris is situated at the
top of the inner lips. It is a
small pea-sized structure
located at the point where
the inner lips meet. The sole
purpose of the clitoris is

From the chapter
Hand & Finger Techniques

Two finger circular massage Place two fingers directly on your
clitoris, and rub them round and
round, as if massaging the
clitoris in a circular motion.
Try different speeds, soft & slow
or hard & fast, and vary the
positions until you hit THE SPOT.
For women who find direct
stimulation of clitoris too intense
: "Draw" a circle around your
clitoris with your middle finger.

From the chapter
Hand & Finger Techniques

Finger Tap Dance
With one hand hold apart your labia, fully exposing your
clitoris. Wet the index finger of the other hand with your
vaginal juice or a store bought lubricant like KY-Jelly and
tap your clitoris gently. Try different tapping speeds and
locations. Harder and longer you tap, the greater the buildup
of erotic sensation.

From the chapter
Techniques with Props

Panty Hose Pleasure
Stretch a pair of stocking between
your legs holding one end in front
and the other behind your back.
Pull it close to the vulva and gently
pull it back and forth while rubbing
against the vulva. Adjust speed and
angle until you hit the sweet spot.

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