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From the chapter

Draw curvy lines with your tongue
After first wetting your tongue,
use the tip to draw small curvy
lines around the anal opening.

From the chapter

Use your hands
While you are tonguing her anus, use your hands and
fingers to caress the rest of her body, her thighs,
her vulva, her back, her abdomen.


From the chapter
Best positions for analingus

Woman kneels, with buttocks raised and her head
lowered down. Man kneels behind her.

From the chapter
You can use a vaginal or dental
dam if itís available where you live.
Or you can turn a condom into an
oral barrier. Just cut it length-wise,
then snip off the tip and base to
get a square sheet. Or place
nonmicrowavable plastic wrap (the
kind you cover your food with)
over the area.

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